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November 2012
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I began volunteering in Haiti when I was 15. Now, twelve years later, I am going back to Haiti to see how it has changed. What has happened since the earthquake in 2009?

I am going to write about stories, interviews from people in very innovative and uplifting programs. The two main programs are 1.) ending child slavery and 2.) improving gender eqaulity

You hear about finance and health as ways to improve lives in poverty. These are very serious, critical essentials in life to survive. The work being done by Beyond Borders, an organization founded on the idea that Haitians can help themselves out of poverty, empowering them in their own struggle.

They make a real difference in Haiti because of the approach they take.

 We follow the Haitian proverb that says, “The rock in the water doesn’t understand the misery of the rock in the sun.”

Beyond Borders works hand-in-hand with the Haitian people, understanding that they know how to best address the issues they face.

They provide them with the resources they need to build grassroots, community-based movements that lead to sustainable, positive change. http://www.beyondborders.net/WhoWeAre.aspx


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