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The plan

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November 2012
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Here is my itinerary in large brush strokes.

I will be arriving tomorrow at around lunch time, where my old friend Ben will meet me. We will go to Lagonave, a small, isolated island off the left side of Haiti, for the weekend.

This is where I taught French and lived in a small village with a family, in a close community. That was 10 years ago. I hope to see familiar faces, but don’t know how many as death is always nearby in everyones lives, and I would guess many of the people I knew may not be with us anymore due to malnutrition, bad water – giardia, dengue fever, malaria, typhoid, HIV, and the list goes on. I hope that this assumption isn’t true though. I hope that everyone who I knew is still there, with families, or jobs, and thriving in their lives. To be honest, I don’t know what to expect…

Then the following week, I will be in Port Au Prince, staying with a family that Beyond Borders knows well. My schedule is open.

Friday Nov.30th – Morning, meet with Child Protection Team staff, learn about their work,  PM Meet and interview with 2 Mobile Animators (restavek survivors)
Saturday Dec.1st – Pick-up by LL driver at BB guesthouse (Time?), drive to Jacmel, sleep at LL guesthouse
Sunday Dec.2nd – Itinerary planned by  staff, Jacmel
Monday Dec.3rd – Travel (on foot, up the mountain) with LL staff to a model community, stay overnight there (bring a mosquito net)
Tuesday Dec.4th – Morning in the model community, return to Jacmel in the PM, sleep at the LL guesthouse
Wednesday De.c5th – Morning meet with Rethinking Power/SASA!  staff, and program participants, one-on-one and group interviews/conversations, other activities, around 2pm  driver will bring me back to the BB guesthouse in Port au Prince

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