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November 2012
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DSCF5296  I am so touched the more that I stay here and find out how much
Matenwa has grown since I was here teaching, ten years ago. It is so
uplifting and really inspiring.

When I lived here, Sonson and Angela, some of children I lived with,
would have to go get water at 4:00am because they had to walk for an
hour, and wait in line at the spring, and go to school on time. I
would hear them every morning get up, and think, I should go with them
once and see what it is like, but never did.

Now they had a water pump installed in the centre of the village! So
there is longer such an arduous process which made their lives here
such a struggle. It is incredible. This happened through a 13,000$  grant from a foundation, and they came and built it, three years ago!

I came to the school here, and it has grown immensely! Ten years ago,
it was simply a small structure, with solar electricity, so it wasDSCF5300
still more advanced here. Now, they have several more buildings, for
more classrooms and a library! I couldnt imagine this before. They
have books that the children can use and take out. That is so unheard
They have a music room, with guitars and drums, and a piano, which is
also so rare. They have an art room, they have a small room where they
sell art that they make. Art, and creativity, taught in Haitian
schools is completely unimaginable. The situation with schools here is
that is memorization, in a language not their own. No where is
learning and thinking really involved. That is why this school is  extremely progress. The teachers are trained in a manner similar to  the way the teachers in america teach. To create a thought process,  and for the students to think for themselves, and grow as individuals.

It is truly inspirational how it has evolved here in ten years time.  This is what happens when someone thinks bigger, and dreams. You would  have never thought that this could hapDSCF5299pen here, or just to imagine
that there would be this here. I didn’t.

Alot of it is down to the people here who work here, and Chris Lowe,
an american who in fact founded Lekol Matenwa years ago. She lived
here, and decided to found this school, which had the vision of
becoming a community centre. It is a central place for people living
hours away. She and her friend she made here came up with the idea and
the seed was planted.


And now, her seed has a legacy, helping hundreds of children gain an  education, a sense of self, and dignity.

This is something that we should all hope for. For before you leave this earth what will you have done towards the  betterment of humanity.

Leaving a legacy


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