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My wish

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December 2012
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After visiting Haiti, you always end up feeling the need to help in some way. You end of feeling powerless, angry, guilty, and why people have to suffer when others don’t? Why people have to die so easily from drinking water that could have been purified if they only had 15.00$. You end up going back to your nice, comfortable life where you can buy your food at the supermarket that is not so far away, rather than walk three hours to the market to sell your meagre produce and earn only 17.00$ a month.. You fall asleep easily in your nice, comfortable bed, without being surrounded by malaria mosquitoes eating at you all night. You just ease on in to your easy life.

So my wish, while we are all reading this in our nice easy lives, is to raise $28.00 from each person who feels that they can afford to donate that amount of money (or even less, or more), and if we get enough people to donate, then we could raise enough money to hire an educated farmer for these isolated, poverty communities so that they can learn how to live off the land, and earn more money. So that they don’t have to send their children off as slaves to be beaten, raped and tortured. So that they can just live, the way we do.

So if you have any spare change lying around, please go to this link and donate what you can http://wishes.causes.com/wishes/495052


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