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Who am I?

I am the 20 percent.

I grew up with food on the table and a roof over my head. I grew up going to school, having a doctor to go to when I got sick, and having opportunities to learn, grow, and live a dignified, and safe existence. I grew up in a developed country, with infrastructure, police that protect you rather than kill you, in a relatively safe haven in the leafy suburbs of Washington DC.

Why this?

To put it simply, I began volunteering in Haiti when I was 15, and my eyes and my conscious were opened to the way most of the world lives; in poverty, in struggle, in survival, and in desperation. The injustices, and the guilt that you feel because you have been going through your life with so much more than most people can ask for, and why? Because you were lucky enough to be born into a family that could afford to feed you and house you, and into a country that had infrastructure,  stability, systems in place to protec you

I am lucky. Are you? Can you afford to feed yourself and your family? Were you able to go to school and recieve an education?

Did you know that %50 of the people living on this earth live on only $2.50 a day? And most people in this world live on only $10.00 a day. That is 80 percent of the world, that survive on $10.00 a day.

Are you one of the lucky 20 percent that have more than $10.00 to spend on food, health, education, shelter?

This is the story about the way that the majority of people alive today live, and the organisations that are doing impressive, innovative work to improve those who live under poverty, and how you can help. 

If you are interested, follow this blog, learn more and share this with your friends and network.


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